Our story

Rainfall Distillery is located at the exquisite Ampersand Estates, in the Pemberton region of Western Australia.
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Rainfall Distillery is reputed for producing artisanal Vodkas and Gins. Located in the Peerabeelup region of Western Australia, Rainfall Distillery brings to life the essence of Petrichor…the scent of the earth, forest and air when the winter rain begins to fall in the Southern Forests of Western Australia. Each Rainfall Distillery artisanal spirit is exceptionally refined to showcase the beauty of the Southern Forests, exemplifying essence of the region’s ancient Karri forests, rolling hills, and pristine lakes and rivers. We use fresh, regional ingredients that are distilled to perfection to create a taste moment not to be forgotten. Each artisanal spirit is vintaged, following the seasons from year to year. Excellence in balance, typicity and finish is assured through the consistent application of Rainfall Distillery’s protected recipes created with care by our Master Distiller.

Our Ethos

Passion and a strong belief that anything is possible is at the core of everything we do.

Rainfall Distillery was formed on the belief of ‘Exceptional is borne through Excellence’. Each team member works to deliver to this belief and the company’s commitment to quality:

Quality ingredients regionally sourced to showcase the richness and beauty of Western Australia
Quality artisanal spirits assured through the consistent application of Rainfall Distillery’s protected recipes created with care by our Master Distiller
Quality production & distribution methods respectfully considered through the lens of our customers
Quality business practices underpinned by creativity and innovation; and
Quality partnerships with our consumers, suppliers, and vendors
Established from humble beginnings, Rainfall Distillery was built on the grounds of the exceptional Ampersand Estates. What started as a proof of concept quickly turned into a boutique distillery with the core purpose of bringing to life the beauty of the region and the essence of the estate. A partnership perfectly balanced to create exceptional outcomes.

Our Values

Our products are unique and are crafted using the very best Australian ingredients.
Innovation, creativity, and quality will always guide our product lifecycle process.

We are authentic
We act with honesty and integrity when working with our colleagues, our partners, consumers, and suppliers.
We bring our whole selves to work each day and we embrace diversity of thought, capability, experience, and culture.

Our consumers are at the core of what we do and how we do it
We care about our followers’ values and create products using ethical processes that are environmentally sustainable and considered.

We work as one team to deliver towards a shared vision
As one team we support, learn, grow, celebrate, and encourage one another as we drive towards realising OUR VISION.

We have fun and care for one another
Each day we show up and remain concerned for the well-being of one another as we seek to inject fun and positivity into all that we undertake.

Best Moments in 2021


Bottling our first Artisanal Spirits.


Selling our first Cellar Door Spirits product.


Selling out of the newly launched Rainfall Gin infused with Southern Forest Cherries blended with Smoked Fortified Wine in 10 Days.


Securing a partnership with Treasury Como Western Australia. We are privileged to be working with such a high-calibre organisation.


The moment we all looked at one another at our first business partners meeting and we realised that we were onto something special...now let’s see what is possible.

We are thrilled for what is to come in 2022

Rainfall Distillery will go-live for online sales in March 2022

Rainfall Distillery is available at COMO Treasury

Rainfall Distillery will expand its range of Artisanal Spirits to introduce four new exceptional flavours and a much anticipated Platinum Label Range

Rainfall Distillery will expand its operational infrastructure by 100% to accommodate demand

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