Enjoy the Region’s Foremost Wine Tasting Venue

To Enjoy the Region’s Foremost Wine Tasting Venue, Book a Stay at Ampersand Estates


Western Australia is not only the nation’s biggest state. It is also home to Ampersand Estates, the go-to venue for wine tasting and pairings at their best. Anyone living in or near Pemberton or visiting this small town is in for a treat. Not only is it home to the country’s foremost artisanal vodka and gin distillery, but it also houses Ampersand Estates, just 135 kilometres from Margaret River, one of the finest wine-growing areas in the world.


While the town is well known for its varied local flora and fauna, including many species unique to the area, it has also gained global acclaim for its superb Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The region now hosts about 150 wineries that, together, account for much of Australia’s total wine production. Because of its location, Ampersand Estates is far more than just a great place for a relaxing weekend getaway; it is also a hugely popular wedding venue and boasts a cellar door where you can sample the region’s fine wines. The latter might explain why visitors often outnumber the local population.

Visit Ampersand Estates for an Exceptional Wine Tasting Experience


Australia was a relatively late entrant to the international wine trade, having made its first pressings as recently as 1833 compared with South Africa’s debut in 1655 and the advent of Californian wines in 1769. However, the Mediterranean climate in Margaret River makes this region a worthy competitor for the French wine producers whose recorded history can be traced to the 6th century BC. However, even the finest wine will seem even better when accompanied by a gourmet meal. Nevertheless, selecting the best wine to enhance your dining experience requires expertise in creating perfect pairings.


While many may believe that any red wine with meat or white with fish should do the trick, the truth is somewhat more complex. If you hope to achieve perfection, following a few basic rules is essential. One should begin by assessing the intensity of the intended dish and its main ingredients. In particular, check for sugar, salt, acidity and spices that influence its taste. To ensure that one does not overpower the other, select a wine whose intensity closely matches that of your meal – that’s why a Cabernet pairs so well with a grilled sirloin steak.


On the other hand, if your passion is antipasti, a Sauvignon Blanc will help balance the saltiness of olives and string cheese like Gorgonzola Piccante. However, rather than tackling the task in person, why not enhance your wine-tasting experience with a gourmet picnic and enjoy fresh products and produce from Western Australia’s Southern Forests? The experts at Ampersand Estates will pair your alfresco meal with the perfect fine wine.

wine tasting at Rainfall Distillery

Are You Ready for an Outstanding Wine Tasting Experience?


Whether you are looking to stock your home cellar, need a beautiful venue for your wedding or want a relaxing break, if you are a wine lover, Ampersand Estates is guaranteed to tick all your boxes. Why not complete our enquiry form today, to avoid disappointment?

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