Exceptional Artisanal Spirits

Our Exceptional Artisanal Spirits Exemplify the Soul of Western Australia’s Forests

Located on the exquisite Ampersand Estates, we at Rainfall Distillery are surrounded by lush vines, fertile fields, river frontage, natural bush, and the majestic Karri trees of Easter National Park. It is this nature that inspires each of our artisanal spirits and the delicate infusions we create. If you are looking for vodkas and gins of superior quality, then our estate-distilled range will impress you.


The Essence of Petrichor

When the winter rains hit the nutrient-rich soil of Western Australia’s ancient forests, a fresh and earthy smell is released into the air. This aromatic bouquet of soft earth and fertile field carries to us the fragrance of something nostalgic and even comforting. The scent is what we call “petrichor”, a term for a natural process first documented by Australian scientists. Petrichor is when the combination of fragrant chemical compounds found in the ground meets rain to become a soft incense to the olfactory sense. It is from this phenomenon that we at Rainfall Distillery draw our inspiration in creating artisanal spirits that beautifully blend the finest ingredients offered to us by nature.


To us, seasonal rainfall is so much more than just water – it is the life source of our uniquely distilled artisanal spirits. Our distillery is nestled on the banks of the Donnelly River, closely encamped by towering Karri trees. The water we use for distilling our range of vodkas and gins is sourced directly from our estate. Using only the purest rainfall and freshest seasonal ingredients, we keep our process as natural and close to home as possible.


The Ingredients Showcased in Our Artisanal Spirits

Our aim has always been to create artisanal spirits that boast the best of the Western Australian Southern Forests region. This region is considered a food bowl of delectable produce for the beautiful, flavourful harvest varieties it offers. By working with nature, instead of against it, we harness its bounty in every single gin and vodka product we produce. Some of the seasonal ingredients we showcase in our blends include:

  • Cherries
  • Finger limes
  • Karri bark smoke
  • Karri honey
  • Macadamias
  • Mandarins
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes

By partnering with our local community and producers, we have a deep understanding of each year’s available produce. We, therefore, vary our annual flavour profiles to accommodate environmental factors – as nature changes, so do we. With every season’s new growth, we carefully select only the finest ingredients to pair with our base spirit, taking the time to craft exceptional gins and vodkas for every occasion. Our estate’s location in Pemberton, Western Australia, means that we can source ingredients directly from local farmers and have our ingredients on-site within minutes. This results in fresh flavours that truly embody the complexity and character of the region.

Every Gin and Vodka is Masterfully Vintaged

The foundation of our infusions is that we aim to use ingredients from a single region and a single year, just the same as wine. This means that the artisanal spirits produced every year are unique, with each bottle offering vintaged variation. Distilling such intricate flavours toes the fine line between art, science, and technology, and our Master Distiller takes the time to craft each vodka and gin from start to finish.


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