Exceptional Distillation for Exquisite Spirits



Rainfall Distillery crafts the finest seasonal vodka and gin using only the best, locally sourced ingredients, and a custom-built 16-plate Reflux Column Still. This innovative and meticulously crafted equipment has revolutionised the art of distillation, allowing for the extraction of the purest and most refined spirits, offering unparalleled taste and character.




  1. A Distillation Process Refined to Perfection
    The Reflux Column Still is celebrated for its unparalleled efficiency and precision. Unlike the Pot Still, which relies on a single distillation process, the Reflux Column Still operates on a continuous distillation principle. This intricate mechanism ensures that the alcohol vapour is continually condensed and refined as it passes through a series of plates in the column, purging impurities and unwanted flavours.

  2. Superior Quality through Fractional Distillation
    One of the defining characteristics of the Reflux Column Still is its ability to perform fractional distillation with remarkable accuracy. This process separates the alcohol into its various components, allowing the distiller to isolate the desirable flavours and aromas while leaving behind harsh or undesirable elements. As a result, spirits produced in this manner exhibit a smoother mouthfeel and a rich, complex flavour profile, that showcases the essence of the superior quality ingredients.

  3. Harnessing the Power of Locally Sourced Ingredients
    At Rainfall Distillery, we take pride in using only the finest seasonal produce sourced from local farmers. The Reflux Column Still complements this commitment perfectly, as its fractional distillation process allows us to preserve the authentic flavours of the region. By capturing the essence of our region’s terroir, we create spirits that reflect the true character of the community.

  4. Efficiency and Batch Distillation
    While Pot Stills are often used for smaller, artisanal batches, the Reflux Column Still shines in terms of efficiency and batch distillation capabilities. With this remarkable apparatus, Rainfall Distillery can produce larger quantities of spirits with consistent quality, ensuring that every bottle of Rainfall Vodka or Gin offers the same superior taste and smoothness that our customers have come to love.

  5. The Pinnacle of Purity
    Purity is the cornerstone of exceptional spirits, and the Reflux Column Still sets the standard in this regard. Through its ingenious design, the still minimizes the presence of undesirable compounds which can contribute to unpleasant flavors and headaches. This meticulous process yields a remarkably pure distillate that forms the foundation of our spirits.
exceptional distillation for exquisite spirits



In the world of spirits production, the Reflux Column Still stands as a testament to human ingenuity and dedication to the craft. At Rainfall Distillery, this remarkable piece of equipment has become an integral part of our journey towards creating superior quality spirits.


With its ability to harness the essence of locally sourced ingredients and its unparalleled efficiency in refining the distillate, the Reflux Column Still elevates our vodka and gin to a level of excellence that has captured the hearts of spirit enthusiasts far and wide.


So, the next time you savour a glass of Rainfall Vodka or Gin, take a moment to appreciate the artistry and innovation that goes into producing each bottle. Behind every sip lies the story of a distillation process refined to perfection, the power of locally sourced ingredients, and the dedication to providing spirits of unmatched quality.


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