Exquisitely Refined Artisanal Gin Perfect for Any Occasion

Our Exquisitely Refined Artisanal Gin is Perfect for Any Occasion

Gin has gained much popularity in the last few years. Thanks to designer brands all over the globe, it is no longer seen as a harsh spirit that tastes like acrid pine needles. These days, master distillers can create complex flavour fusions ideal for straight sipping or colourful cocktails. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or just enjoy a refreshing drink now and then, our range of contemporary artisanal gins will offer the taste experience you have been seeking.

Why Gin Remains a Preferred Spirit

Quality gin is a game-changer; it is versatile enough to be paired with tasty food and delicious desserts, and it forms a superb foundation for cocktails with its adaptable flavour. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a juniper-infused spirit bursting with attitude and zing, or even an aromatic blend that boasts botanicals. For many, it’s also a guilt-free spirit as gin often contains less sugar than other alcoholic drinks and can be enjoyed with sugar-free mixers. It’s a pure and crisp spirit that can be served on the rocks, introduced to a cocktail, or served with mixers like soda water. Whatever your preference, it’s easy to prepare and even easier to savour.


At the Rainfall Distillery, our artisanal gins are informed by the essence of the Western Australia Southern Forests region in which our distillery is situated. Not only do we exclusively use the finest ingredients farmed in this area, but we directly source the water used during the distillation process from the rainfall on our estate.

Spark Conversation at a Special Event

Our artisanal gins offer easy sipping at any social event. Whether you are seeking something with a mature profile for a sit-down dinner, or something playfully fruity at a friendly gathering, our range has an expertly crafted option for you. From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays, barbeques, gin and jazz nights, and celebrating something special, our distinctly unique, hand-crafted gins will wow every guest.

Ideal for Aperitivo Cocktails

An aperitivo is a pre-meal drink, often used to cleanse the palate and whet the appetite. It’s a custom that originates in northern Italy but is enjoyed worldwide today. Gin is perfect as an aperitivo drink as its slightly bitter taste and dry aroma make it a marvellous pairing with salty snacks before a meal. At the Rainfall Distillery, we feature several cocktail recipes using our artisanal gins that have been crafted by Master Mixologist, Eoin Kenny. Each cocktail has been designed to be a journey through distinct, yet complementary, flavours that reveal themselves in every sip.

You Can Drink Our Artisanal Gin Neat

If you are not keen on cocktails, our artisanal gins are just as impressive when enjoyed straight. Simply pour your choice of infusion over ice cubes or garnish with a wedge of lime or basil for a little extra flavour. We make use of fresh seasonal ingredients for our gins such as citrus, cherries, and even the smoke of our estate-sourced Karri bark.


If you would like to shop for our artisanal gin infused with Southern Forest botanicals and pure Australian rain, click here or get in touch today.

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