Our Range of Uniquely Vintaged Vodka Flavours

Reasons to Try Our Range of Uniquely Vintaged Vodka Flavours

It does not take a vodka connoisseur to know a bad sip from an exceptional one. Everyone has their own taste in spirits, but if you’re drinking something that savours like nothing more than burning water without a definite flavour, you know the product is not worth any of your time. We at the Rainfall Distillery aim to produce an outstanding range of vodka flavours that speak for themselves – no frills and extras needed – but can still add sensational freshness to cocktails and mixers.

Our Luxury Vodka Flavours Are Drawn from the Heart of Western Australia


The Rainfall Distillery operates and functions within the luxury Ampersand Estates. Our estate-distilled vodkas and gins are not just hand-crafted; their flavours are drawn from the breath-taking nature within the Western Australia Southern Forests region. This area is known for age-old karri forests, high seasonal rainfall, and fertile ground home to flourishing crops. Visiting Pemberton, travellers passing through will enjoy much to see but also exciting places to wine and dine as the area is a food bowl thanks to its unique climate and rich soil. This is where the elements for our world-class vodka flavours come from. Southern forest potatoes, mandarins, karri honey, and macadamia nuts are all ingredients showcased in our range. Estate-sourced rainwater is also purified and used in every bottle, making our premier vodkas truly exclusive.


Our Master Distiller Has Full Control of the Process


It is the hand of our resident Master Distiller that guides the fermentation and distillation process of every bottle. It is where innovative science, traditional art, and inventive technology meet to create our line of contemporary blended spirits. Careful attention to detail and exceptional knowledge of local produce and flavours that exemplify the region’s nature is how our Master Distiller manages to create smooth-sipping flavours every time.


You Can Expect Vintaged Variation


Wine is often treasured for how rare every year’s vintage is – it speaks of the region’s climate that transforms each harvest’s quality. At the Rainfall Distillery, our artisanal spirits are also vintaged using particular ingredients in a specific region and year. We ensure that our blends are created using only fresh, full-bodied flavours and harvested produce and botanicals that go straight from the farmer to our distillery. The result? High-quality, silky-smooth gins and vodkas that are perfect for any occasion.

Vodka Flavours

Our Refined Range is an Unmatched Taste Journey

Our range of luxury vodkas currently features three flavours exclusive to Rainfall Distillery, each one with its own story:

  • Vodka Infused with Australian Rain: This bottle is created with estate-sourced rain, embodying the essence of petrichor and the beauty of the Western Australia Southern Forests region.
  • Vodka Infused with Botanicals and Southern Forest Citrus: An aromatic and exotic blend of fragrant, warm botanicals with a hint of karri honey sweetness.
  • Vodka Infused with Honey Macadamia: Using Southern Forest karri honey and roasted macadamia nuts, this infusion is considered rare because karri trees only flower once every 12 to 20 years. The bees collecting the nectar of these flowers produce some of the rarest honey in the world.

Shop Online or Visit the Estate


If you are looking to try our range of artisanal spirits, you can shop online with us today or visit our vodka and gin lounge at Ampersand Estates.

Vodka Flavours
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