Questions About Our Sensational Range of Artisanal Spirits

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sensational Range of Artisanal Spirits

Finding something of extraordinary quality and luxury is rare these days. Some people spend years seeking out exclusive experiences that show them something never before known. This is what we at Rainfall Distillery aim to offer our distinguished clients – uniquely vintaged artisanal spirits that are hand-crafted, estate-distilled, and created with only the finest ingredients.

  1. Why the Rainfall Distillery Name?

Our name comes from the strong ties our distillery has to water. We are located within a unique corner of Pemberton in the Western Australia Southern Forests region, nestled right on the banks of the Donnelly River. Surrounding us are ancient karri forests that come to life with the high seasonal rainfall, and it is this pure rainwater, infused with the essence of the region, that is sourced to distil each of our artisanal spirits.



  1. What Does “Estate-distilled” Mean?

Our Rainfall Distillery is situated within the luxury winery and accommodation venue, Ampersand Estates. It is here that we carefully create beautiful blends bottled to perfection. From start to finish, we oversee the process every step of the way, ensuring only superior quality and purity.



  1. What Kinds of Artisanal Spirits Are Produced by Rainfall Distillery?

While Ampersand Estates is known for its phenomenal range of light and approachable wines, Rainfall Distillery focuses on crafting exceptional gins and vodkas. We infuse these artisanal spirits with ingredients and botanicals found in Western Australia, giving our products a truly exclusive allure.



  1. Are There Specific Ingredients Used in the Artisanal Spirits?

Our artisanal spirits showcase the local region’s finest produce. Using fresh, locally grown and harvested ingredients, our goal is for every bottle to embody Western Australia’s spirit. We make use of ingredients such as cherries, finger limes, karri bark smoke, karri honey, macadamias, mandarins, oranges, and potatoes. Our convenient location means we receive these fresh harvestables from local farms within minutes, guaranteeing flavours fresh from the earth.



  1. How is the Range Created?

Our Master Distiller takes special care to create intricate infusions using the age-old art of fermentation and distillation. This well-kept secret comes down to skill, scientific innovation, and deep knowledge of the region’s local climate and harvestables. We work with nature, not against it, to produce vintaged gins and vodkas created using specially chosen ingredients from a single region and year – the same as wine.



  1. Do You Have Any Cocktails Available?

Thanks to the expertise and creative flair of our Master Mixologist, Eoin Kenny, we have a line of Rainfall Cocktails to enjoy, and they can all be made at home. Sip through refreshing designer flavours ideal for any occasion, and savour the craft of experts in their field.



  1. Where Can the Range be Purchased?

If you are looking to try our premium range of artisanal spirits, you can visit us at the Ampersand Estates’ gin and vodka lounge or shop online to purchase yours.


Email us today to learn more about Rainfall Distillery and how best to choose a bottle ideally suited to your taste or fill in an online form here.

Artisanal Spirits

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Email us today to learn more about Rainfall Distillery and how best to choose a bottle ideally suited to your taste or fill in an online form here.

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