Superior Vodka Producer

What Sets Our Estate Distillery Apart as a Superior Vodka Producer

Is anything more relaxing than an afternoon spent with friends, sipping on fresh artisanal spirits? Or perhaps an evening gathering filled with great conversation, mouth-watering morsels, and smooth cocktails? We at Rainfall Distillery understand that crafting stand-alone spirits is more than a science – it’s an art form exemplified by the special moments in which our range is enjoyed. As a premium vodka producer committed to a vibrant taste experience and high-quality infusions, you can trust us to deliver only the finest products.


Our Range is Proudly Australian

We are located in the Western Australian Southern Forests region, more specifically, in Pemberton. Using only local ingredients that represent the distinctive environment in which our distillery is situated, we aim to encapsulate the essence of seasonal rains and the ancient Karri forests that surround us. To us, being a masterful vodka producer means creating inspired blends that are unique to Western Australia’s natural identity.

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We Distil All Our Vodkas on Our Estate

An in-depth understanding of agronomy and the timeless art of distillery guides the experienced hand of our resident Master Distiller. Drawing on centuries-old knowledge and the innovation granted by technology, we have built renown as a top-tier gin and vodka producer. We oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring that the journey from raw produce and botanicals to fermentation and distilling is meticulously curated.

We Partner with Regional Farmers for the Finest Ingredients

Each year’s regional harvest looks different, which is how we offer vintaged variation from year to year, much the same as wine. We partner with local farmers and our community to ensure our ingredients arrive at our doorstep soon after harvesting. Using fresh ingredients optimises the complexity and flavour in every bottle that embodies the spirit of the region during the year it was crafted.

Complex, Designer Infusions for Any Occasion

Whether you wish to enjoy a sit-down dinner, a cocktail evening with friends, or a barbecue with loved ones, our signature artisanal spirits are approachable, balanced, and elegant. The aromatic infusions we utilise during the distilling process are inviting and pair well with scrumptious food or make a statement as stand-alone drinks.


Guests are welcome to pay us a visit at our cellar door and vodka and gin lounge at Ampersand Estates or shop for delicious spirits online. Simply add your selection to your cart and have your spirits, created by a superior vodka producer, delivered to your door.

To find out more about our range, get in touch with us today.

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