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Experience Quality Artisanal Gin at Our Estate Distillery in Pemberton

Quality is hard to come by these days, and it can feel as though few products live up to their name anymore. At our Rainfall Distillery, we have gone back to the old way of doing things. Our line of sought-after vodkas and gins are expertly crafted by the experienced hand of our resident Master Distiller. Merging science, technology, and a flair for the creative, we are happy to introduce our discerning clients to our gorgeous range of flavour infusions. Our vodka and gin distillery is founded upon the simple philosophy that high-quality ingredients and meticulous care are vital in creating phenomenal spirits.

Find Our Vodka and Gin Distillery at the Exquisite Ampersand Estates

Our boutique vodka and gin distillery is located at Ampersand Estates in the Peerabeelup region of Western Australia. Enclosed by the breath-taking Karri Forest and ensconced along the banks of the Donnelly River, the estate is perfectly positioned as a winery, luxury wedding venue, and gourmet picnic destination, all the while boasting opulent on-site accommodation. It also features a cellar door experience and lounge for anyone looking to sample refreshing, approachable wines and estate-distilled spirits.

We Have Partnered with Regional Farmers

Our distillery is situated in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia, which is home to fertile ground nourished by high rainfall, especially in winter. It is here, amongst the forested valleys and a thriving farming community, that we source only the freshest ingredients for our artisanal vodka and gin recipes. The area is known for unmatched culinary experiences due to the agriculture that exists here, and we use these fine seasonal ingredients to craft our spirits.


As with wine, our vintaged spirits differ slightly from year to year based on available produce, botanicals, and various flavour profiles that change with the environment. This means that every year’s range of spirits is unique and truly showcases the essence of the region. We have partnered with local farmers to receive our carefully selected ingredients as soon as they are ready – this allows us to use freshly harvested produce for our fermentation and distillation processes. We also directly source water from the rainfall on our estate which we use to distil each bottle. To sip on our artisanal vodka or gin is to experience the life source and bounty of Western Australia.

Our Spirits are Hand-crafted – From Start to Finish

Each signature spirit pays homage to the age-old art of distillation. These exclusive recipes are guided by our Master Distiller’s unwavering commitment to excellence and deep understanding of local ingredients. We have also created a line of designer Rainfall Cocktail recipes beautifully crafted by Master Mixologist Eoin Kenny which our valued patrons, guests, and customers can even make at home.

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We welcome you to visit us and experience our boutique vodka and gin distillery and Ampersand Estates cellar door, but you are also free to shop for your favourite bottle of vodka or gin online by clicking here. You can also sign up for our newsletter or contact us for more information today.

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