We’ll Help You Decide Which Vodka is Best Suited to You and How to Serve it


Here at the Rainfall Distillery, expertly distilled vodka is our speciality, but we understand that customers may have a tough time deciding which vodka is the best. Fortunately, we are here to help you make the right selection and even give you a few tips on how to serve your blend. Vodka is as refreshing as it is versatile. For decades it has been a popular choice whether enjoying a barbeque with friends or a night out on the town. Drink it as a straight shooter, on the rocks, or fused into a delicious cocktail – you choose.

Consider the Occasion or Event to Decide Which Vodka is the Best


Before deciding which option is most suitable, think about the type of occasion on which the drink will be served. If it is an event with guests, asking the following questions may help:


  • Do any of my guests have allergies? Guests with nut allergies, for example, should not drink any flavour infusions that contain nuts.
  • What type of drinks do my guests enjoy? Slow sipping in tumbler glasses or cocktail drinks over a long period is different to enjoying quick shots.
  • What kind of food will be served? By considering your menu for the event, you can choose a drink that pairs best with the food you serve.


Which Option is Best for You?


We currently have three fantastic vodkas within our range from which to choose, each with its own distinct flavour profile:



How to Serve Your Artisanal Vodka from Rainfall Distillery


As with any type of spirit, there are a few etiquette rules to follow, but ultimately, how you serve your unique Rainfall Distillery blend is completely up to you. Some tips, however, may enhance your taste experience, such as:


  • Serve it at the right temperature: Vodka makes for a refreshing sip when it is chilled. Be sure to keep your bottle in the fridge or a bucket of ice before serving. This is the best way to enjoy its nuanced flavours, but don’t make it so cold that you lose its profile completely.
  • Experiment with cocktails: Be sure to have some mixers nearby in case you would like to try some cocktails or martinis. Our distillery features a range of delicious Rainfall Cocktails, with recipes crafted by Master Mixologist, Eoin Kenny.
  • Know when to serve it: It’s a strong drink, so the best time to serve your bottle would be after eating or while snacking.
  • Pair it with the right food: Pairing vodka with delicious appetisers and snacks is always a hit at any gathering. Offer a few options which are high in fat and protein such as seafood, meat, cheese, nuts, or charcuterie boards. It also pairs well with fruits, candy, and salty, crunchy snacks.


To decide which vodka is the best for you, find out more about our range or shop online with us now.

Which Vodka is the Best

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