For a Unique Vodka Tasting Experience, Come Knock on Our Cellar Door

To Enjoy a Unique Vodka Tasting Experience, Come Knock on Our Cellar Door


The cellar door has long been used by vintners seeking to showcase their wines. Rainfall Distillery has extended this tradition to include its vintage vodkas. A stay in or near the small town of Pemberton in the heart of Western Australia’s Southern Forests region is a delight in its own right. The area is widely known and loved for its natural beauty and 300-year-old Karri trees, and it also has an almost 200-year history of wine production.


The same soil conditions and climate that favour wine growers are of equal value to local distillers, providing the freshly-grown natural botanicals and other ingredients that distinguish their craft vodka and gin from the mass-produced brands on sale in bottle stores worldwide. While you may be fortunate enough to get the opportunity to sample a craft vodka elsewhere, the unique environment of an artisanal distillery has so much more to offer. For a start, why limit your sampling to a single product when there are other, equally irresistible vodka flavours to thrill your palate?


Reasons to Consider a Cellar Door Experience


What exactly is a cellar door? In practice, the reference to a door is merely a tradition. The term is applied to dedicated physical locations like a cellar or tasting room where visitors can obtain wine or spirits directly from the producer and sample them on-site. There are at least four compelling reasons to opt for this unique opportunity:


  • Authenticity: You will have a unique opportunity to view the production process firsthand and witness the meticulous care required to craft a luxury artisanal vodka. Seeing the process in action helps promote trust in the product and admiration for the craftsmanship of the distiller.


  • Direct interaction with the distiller: Rather than resorting to Wikipedia for answers, a visit offers an opportunity to address your questions to an acknowledged expert and gain in-depth knowledge of distillation methods, the use of botanicals and any other aspect of vodka production that may pique your interest.


  • More choice: Like wine, the most noteworthy characteristics of any alcoholic spirit are its flavour and aroma. While many big brands now offer different vodka flavours, they lack the unique qualities of products crafted from skillfully blended mixtures of multiple botanicals typical of a smaller local operation. At Rainfall Distillery, we take pride in our ability to create blends with a unique and exciting flavour palate.


  • An educational experience: Although many tend to believe that food pairing applies only to the choice of an appropriate wine with a given meal, this is not entirely true. Some people prefer something stronger to drink with their food. However, pairing food with vodka can be trickier precisely because it is far stronger than wine. Who better to give professional advice on the best choice of vodka pairings than those responsible for creating these unique drinks? A meal at the tasting venue can be perfect for personalising your pairings.
cellar door for vodka tasting

What Makes Our Cellar Door Experience Unique?


One of many reasons for its uniqueness is the luxurious accommodation at Ampersand Estates and the prospect of a delicious gourmet picnic. We promise you an unforgettable experience. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to learn more about vodka tasting at our artisanal distillery.

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