Try This Premium Vodka Distillery for Quality Products With an Artisanal Flair

Try This Premium Vodka Distillery for Quality Products With an Artisanal Flair

The staple drink of Russia has more to offer than you may realise. Sip on our premium vodka with unique flavour palates for an alluring new taste experience. Vodka often gets a bad rap, being seen as a high-proof and somewhat harsh spirit with no distinctive taste and best suited as a base for popular cocktails, such as a Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, White Russian or Screwdriver. In contrast with other spirits, like whiskey and brandy, vodka is not generally matured by ageing in barrels. Thus, the standard product is a pure, colourless and odourless distillate.


Producing a premium-grade product requires more than simply distilling a mix of yeast and mashed grains. Unlike the mass-produced spirit, these are hand-made vodkas, typically prepared in small batches using higher-quality ingredients. Steeping the distilled vodka in carefully blended combinations of botanicals transforms an otherwise bland spirit into a drink with an artisanal flair characterised by its tantalising natural flavours.

A Premium Vodka Distillery in the Heart of Western Australia’s Forests

Nestled among the ancient Karri forests in the southern region of Western Australia is a distillery with a difference. The small town of Pemberton is home to the Rainfall Distillery, known for its range of artisanal gins and vodkas compiled entirely from natural ingredients drawn from the surrounding area. Here, the resident master distiller has drawn on the knowledge passed down by the artisans of centuries past and combined it with state-of-the-art technology, using freshly gathered ingredients to create uniquely flavoured hand-made vodka for the more discerning palate.


The secret of Rainfall’s success is our insistence on using only the purest natural, locally-grown and ethically sourced constituents. Fruits, herbs, flowers and other flavoursome botanicals are gathered from the surrounding forest and steeped in pure water harvested from its winter rains to create an unsurpassed premium spirit. Because weather conditions in the region change annually, each year’s ingredients will have their own unique characteristics. This annual variation enables us to offer a range of vintage vodkas, much like the world’s wine producers.

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Enjoy These Exceptional Products from our Premium Vodka Distillery


Purity and flavour are the cornerstones of our artisanal vodka. First, we redistil the condensate repeatedly to ensure the purest possible spirit. After that, we use an infusion of a mix of freshly gathered, seasonal forest fruits and herbs in pristine pure water to create three iconic flavour palates. Each of these small-batch vodkas is a masterpiece of the distiller’s craft. What might your favourite be? Maybe these recipes will help you choose:


  • Hand-made vodka infused with roasted macadamias and the delicate sweet flavour of karri honey from the Southern forests
  • A blended infusion of orange and mandarin with wattle seeds and a medley of exotic spices, including star anise, cinnamon and cardamon
  • Small-batch vodka distilled from potatoes and winter rainwater gathered from the surrounding forest to create a subtle but distinctive regional palate

Given the distiller’s skill, the extra care and time required to craft these exceptional products and the additional ingredients, you can expect to enjoy a delectable taste experience. However, you will be rewarded with a choice of unforgettable and uniquely Australian vodkas. Click here to learn more, or order your premium vodka online today.

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