Our Vodka and Gin Distillery is as Unique as the Awe-inspiring Pemberton Region of Western Australia

Our Vodka and Gin Distillery is as Unique as the Awe-inspiring Pemberton Region of Western Australia


Our vodka and gin distillery does so much more than produce artisanal spirits. We strive to encapsulate the splendour of Western Australia’s Southern Forests region. Since our establishment, we have understood that working in harmony with nature, instead of against it, is the best way to produce phenomenal spirits. Our gins and vodkas speak for themselves, and every sip is a celebration of a beautiful region known for its biodiversity and tranquillity. We operate under the philosophy that what we put in is what we get out – and our meticulous care and ingredients of superior quality are the reason we produce some of the country’s finest blends. Are you seeking to satisfy your senses with something new and unique? Our range will impress you.


Why Our Vodka and Gin Distillery is So Different


The reason our vodka and gin distillery is so extraordinary is because of where it is situated – in Western Australia’s Southern Forests region. Western Australia is one of the largest states in the world with an area of almost 2,5 million square kilometres (one-third of the country’s total land mass). It is here, in Pemberton, that our luxury estate is located. Pemberton, right in the heart of Karri tree country, is a richly fertile region where you are more likely to meet a tree than a person. This food bowl is home to a wide variety of produce, some of the best wines in Australia, and a diverse range of fauna and flora. It is here that we source all our ingredients locally, which inform our gorgeous infusions.


Enjoy a Fresh and Ephemeral Taste Experience True to Our Estate


At our vodka and gin distillery, we make use of only the finest local ingredients, such as:

  • Cherries
  • Finger limes
  • Karri bark smoke
  • Karri honey
  • Macadamias
  • Mandarins
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes


The ingredients are delivered straight from the farmer to our distillery within minutes, ensuring fresh-from-the-earth flavours. By partnering with the local community, producers, and farmers, we take care to understand each year’s available produce and how environmental factors, such as the annual weather, impact these various flavour profiles. We also directly source water from the purest rainfall on our estate, infusing our artisanal spirits with the essence of the surrounding land.


We have mastered the age-old art of fermentation and distillation, with a carefully curated process guided by our Master Distiller. By using science, technology, and a commitment to exceptional quality, we can present our clients with superior spirits true to the heart of Western Australia.

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Shop Online for Outstanding Gins and Vodkas Today


We desire that every signature spirit in our range embodies the natural life source that sustains our beautiful estate and vodka and gin distillery. If you would like to purchase a few bottles and experience our unique blends, you can shop online for our artisanal spirits. You can also pop into our estate winery’s cellar door and sample our line at our gin and vodka lounge. For more information, contact us today.

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