Premium gin flavours and the best pairing for each

Our Premium Gin Flavours and How to Pair Them with Food This Festive Season


With the holidays upon us, what could be more festive than our selection of premium gin paired with delicious, decadent food? We know that the silly season is all about spending time with family and friends and sharing special memories. A significant part of these festivities is feasting. Whether you enjoy a delicious afternoon roast together or a shared Christmas Eve dinner, our gins are the perfect addition to your Christmas table. They also make for marvellous gifts if you are looking to spoil someone with a luxury taste experience.

The Art of Pairing Premium Gin with Various Flavour Profiles


“Ginstronomy” is the latest term to hit the lips of mixologists, distillers, and gastronomists alike, and it is a fusion of all three fields of expertise. Ginstronomy is the art of pairing gin and food in a way that emphasises or transforms the flavours of both. Because gin is a versatile drink, it is often enjoyed clean, infused with other flavours, or served as cocktails with mixers like a tonic. Some of the best foods with which to pair gin include:


  • Charcuterie boards: Looking to serve a few nibbles before your Christmas dinner or lunch? Cured and seasoned charcuterie meats like salami or prosciutto complement the herby essence of gin and adding other elements like cheese, nuts, and fruit to the board is even better. Seafood platters are another great idea because gin pairs beautifully with fish and seafood like smoked salmon, smoked mussels, shrimp, and fresh oysters.
  • Cheese: Creamy, earthy cheeses seasoned with herbs and spices are elevated when eaten alongside a glass of gin. If you are looking to incorporate strong, matured cheeses into your snacks, gin will balance it well.
  • Roast meats: Juniper berries are sometimes used in meat rubs and marinades, so if you are looking to sip something alongside that leg of lamb, our premium gin is ideal.
  • Spicy curries: Gin comes with its own kick, but when infused with fresh botanicals it is the perfect way to compliment a spicy meal – whether you enjoy Indian, Mexican, or Thai cuisine.
  • Chocolates and nuts: Chocolates and nuts such as macadamias are an instant hit with gin. Other sweet treats like berries make a beautiful addition to gin cocktails and desserts. If you’re serving gin with pudding, some superb dessert ideas include berry cheesecake and black forest cake.
Premium gin

We Use Fresh, Local Ingredients


Thanks to the guidance and expertise of our Master Distiller, we at Rainfall Distillery craft some of the finest estate-distilled artisanal spirits in Western Australia. We derive our inspiration from the gorgeous Southern Forests area, using farm-fresh seasonal produce that speaks to the region’s life-giving beauty.


Shop Online with Us for Gins of Exception


Looking to gift or serve a bottle or two of our premium gin at that upcoming Christmas celebration? You can shop online with us or pop into our on-site cellar door at Ampersand Estates to try a few flavours for yourself. Our selection includes:


Gin Infused with Christmas

Gin Infused with Australian Rain

Gin Infused with Pinot Noir

Gin Infused with Smoked Port

Gin Infused with Southern Forest Cherries


For more information on our premium gin products and distillery, contact us today.

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