More About Our Distillery & Premium Vodka Collection

6 Things to Know About Our Distillery and Premium Vodka Collection


We offer a premium vodka range that amplifies all the best things about our Rainfall Distillery and the Southern Forests region in which it is located. We aim to offer our distinguished clients a one-of-a-kind drinking experience with a handmade range that is thoughtfully created to bring you high-quality products worthy of your time and attention.



  1. Our Premium Vodka Range is Estate Distilled


Our renowned distillery is situated on the grounds of Ampersand Estates which offers a luxury winery and cellar door, accommodation, and venues. Here we ferment, distil, and bottle beautiful artisanal spirits, with expertise informing every step of the craft. We use long-standing, traditional techniques along with modern science and a deep connection to our environment to create a unique and unforgettable range.


  1. We Utilise the Purity of Nature to Inform Our Philosophy


At Rainfall Distillery, we do not just see water as water. We see it as a life source that sustains and nourishes the breathtaking nature around us. With the flow of the Donnelly River close by and the fresh seasonal rains that invigorate our senses with the scent of petrichor, we understand how vital water is. It is for this reason that we directly source rainfall on our estate to use within our premium vodka range, imbuing each bottle with the essence of nature. This is the secret to our uniquely vintaged vodkas.


  1. We Produce More than Just Vodka


Ampersand Estates is known as a phenomenal winery, producing some of the most versatile wines in the region. At Rainfall Distillery, however, we focus on artisanal spirits like premium vodkas and gins. Local produce and botanicals are what give our range its exclusive appeal to a market always on the lookout for exceptional spirits that offer rare flavour profiles never before tasted.


  1. Our Line is Created Using Superb Ingredients that Speak for Themselves


The sought-after quality featured in our line of premium vodka and gin options comes from the stellar ingredients we sustainably source and use. By partnering with local farmers, we can use farm-fresh produce and regional botanicals, including cherries, finger limes, karri honey and karri tree bark smoke, macadamias, oranges, mandarins, and potatoes. In this way, every bottle showcases the best ingredients that Western Australia has to offer.


  1. You Can Try Our Refreshing Cocktail Recipes Too


In close partnership with our Master Mixologist, Eoin Kenny, Rainfall Distillery has created world-class cocktail recipes which are perfect for any occasion. Every cocktail is designed with a layered sipping experience in mind, which carefully navigates you through various, complex flavours that will captivate your senses. To view our range of contemporary cocktail recipes, click here.


  1. Shop Online for Premium Vodka or Visit Our Estate


There are two ways to purchase your favourite bottles of premium vodka from Rainfall Distillery. First, you can visit the Ampersand Estates winery and gin and vodka lounge. Here, you can try our various offerings and purchase some bottles for yourself or as gifts for others. You can also visit our online shop, add your selection to your cart, and have your bottles delivered to your door.

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To learn more about our range of premium vodka, or which flavour would best suit your requirements, speak to us today.

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