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Vodka Glossary for Beginners: Fun Terms to Learn While Exploring Our Premium Vodka Range


Our premium vodka range showcases the finest ingredients in the region. If you’re a beginner exploring our selection, below are some great terms to know. Because vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world today, it helps to know more about this outstanding and versatile product.


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Premium vodka is our speciality, and we don’t compromise on quality when it comes to our philosophy, ingredients, and distillation process. If you are keen on learning about vodka as a beginner or just as someone who enjoys artisanal spirits of exception, the following glossary may help.


You may have noticed that vodka often gets added to mixers or cocktails. A cocktail is simply a mixed beverage that contains alcohol and other ingredients. Our Master Mixologist, Eoin Kenny, has expertly crafted a range of cocktail recipes that you can try out here.



Vodka often accompanies the term “distilled”. This is because vodka as a spirit can be distilled one or more times, which is just a process that removes congeners (elements that influence the flavour of the vodka). Congeners can sometimes add positively to the flavour profile of the drink, but the more it is distilled, the cleaner and more flavourless it becomes.



When making vodka, the main ingredient that contains sugar or starch must be fermented. This ingredient could be potatoes, various grains, and even fruit. After it is fermented, the ingredient is distilled as many times as needed.



Once distilled, filtration is optional. Filtration can either be kept to a minimum, removing only the most obvious particles, or vodka can be filtered many times to become as neutral as possible.



A mixologist has the same knowledge and skill as a bartender, with the added expertise involved in mixing complex alcoholic beverages. A mixologist is an expert in flavour profiles and the nuanced chemistry behind various ingredients.



Vodka, like the water from which it derives its name, is colourless, and often flavourless and odourless too. Many producers enjoy distinctive flavours and aromas in their spirits. However, others try to create a truly neutral, or “clean”, product with no distinguishable identifiers.

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Vodka, whether created to be neutral or deliberately infused with flavours, pairs well with a variety of mixers and accompaniments. Depending on the type of vodka you’re serving, it’s a great idea to pair it with a few charcuterie boards that include salty snacks, crunchy textures, creamy cheese, smoked meat or fish, breads, and even sweet treats like fruit and chocolate. Ampersand Estates, where we distil our premium vodka, offers curated gourmet picnic baskets that guests can pair with a range of wines and artisanal spirits.


Premium Vodka

“Premium” vodka is a term used to refer to vodkas that have been crafted with exceptional quality in mind. They are often considered luxury products and will be fermented and distilled with expert care.


If you are looking for unique, contemporary, and vintage premium vodka, our range of exceptional spirits stands out from the crowd. To learn more, contact us today.

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