Any Special Occasion is a Perfect Opportunity to Enjoy One of Our Unique Vodka Flavours

Any Special Occasion is a Perfect Opportunity to Enjoy One of Our Unique Vodka Flavours


Mass-produced vodka is hardly a taste sensation. However, skilful preparation and infusion with forest botanicals have produced exciting new vodka flavours. The common brands purchased from liquor stores are somewhat tasteless when served neat or on the rocks. Consequently, many drinkers rely on mixers, such as tonic water or fruit juices, to mellow this fiery spirit and add a bit of taste. The Russian and Polish originators of this colourless, odourless spirit may still prefer to take their favourite tipple straight. However, most consumers treat it merely as a base, diluting it with ginger ale, tonic water, lime, coca cola or orange juice to create a long drink or preparing the alternative Dirty Martini with the addition of dry vermouth.


Whilst these countries may be revered for their mass-produced vodkas, most countries now operate their own distilleries. Far fewer have gone the extra mile and transitioned to producing small batches of hand-made products with appealing natural flavour palates. Nestled in the Southern Forest regions of Western Australia, the Rainfall Distillery specialises in producing premium vodka infused with the characteristic natural flavours of the local area. When it’s time to celebrate that special birthday or anniversary, only a luxury vodka will be good enough.

How Does a Distillery Create These Vodka Flavours?


Firstly, this is not a task that lends itself to mass-production methods. Instead, it requires the skills and experience of a master distiller whose focus will be the small-scale production of hand-crafted products of exceptional purity with a captivating flavour profile. The spirit must be distilled repeatedly to ensure a smooth finish. All the water used and any additional ingredients required as flavourings must be fresh and of the highest quality. The steeping process can take several days to achieve the desired balance of flavours. However, the reward for all this extra time and care is an artisanal vodka with an incomparable taste.


Not surprisingly, these individually-crafted, hand-made, premium products cost more to produce, which may be reflected in their prices. However, when it’s your fiftieth birthday or silver wedding anniversary, or you are celebrating a promotion or your retirement, there is no better time to splash out and treat yourself and your guests to a spot of luxury.


The Rainfall Distillery sources all its ingredients from local farmers and the forests immediately surrounding its premises in the small town of Pemberton. Only in this way can we ensure everything is fresh and utilised with minimal delay. Citrus fruits, such as oranges and mandarins, roasted macadamia nuts, and spices like cinnamon, cardamon and star anise are just a few of the natural botanicals that infuse our premium vodkas with their uniquely Australian flavours.

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Getting Ready for Your Special Moment? Stock up with These Awesome Vodka Flavours


Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve or graduation day, a premium vodka can be the best way to ensure the celebration is as momentous as the occasion, and the Rainfall Distillery is the best place to buy it. Click here to choose from our range of luxury vodkas, and purchase online, to guarantee a taste and a day to remember.

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